Join us on our Covid-19 Summer Roadtrip

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Hey guys, we’re Diane and Jeff, welcome to Forever DJ!
We were drawn together by our mutual love of music and became My Forever DJ in 2018.
Last summer, we grappled with the same overwhelming chaos as so many others, and we chose to make music together to drown out the noise.
We wanted to celebrate the rich musical history of iconic and lesser-known southern cities, even if they might currently be virus ‘hot spots’ (hence the album name, "Southern Hot Spots").
Armed with Clorox wipes, a wardrobe of masks, Jeff's home crafted mobile recording studio, and a booklet of lyrics and music, we travelled to these cities, found the songs tied to them, and kept recording music all along the 1,200 mile journey.
The end result is our own joyful, if imperfect, noise: Southern Hotspots